Concert October 7th 2016

Concert by the Ivory Duo of new music for 2 pianos, including 'Follow Me Up to Carlow' by Hugh Shrapnel.
Venue: Morley College Holst Room
61 Westminster Bridge Road,
London SE1 7HT.
7.30 PM.

Concert October 7th 2016

Hugh Shrapnel



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Promenade Theatre Orchestra: The Orangery October 1st 1972 (2002)

Historic recording of the Promenade Theatre Orchestra's farewell concert. Music by Alec Hill, Christopher Hobbs, Hugh Shrapnel (including '4 Toy Pianos' and 'Carolina Moon') and John White.

Obtainable from Experimental Music Catalogue

South of the River (1998)

South of the River(piano duet): Oxleas Wood, East Street Market, Papillon Walk, Vanbrugh Castle, Ladywell Fields, Deptford Broadway.

Unity (flute & piano)

Cat Preludes (piano): Basking, Prowl, Siamese,...and mouse, Asleep, Curtain, Dusty Dreams.

Performed by Sarah Walker & Robert Coleridge (piano);Francesca Hanley (flute)

Obtainable from musicnow: