Concert October 7th 2016

Concert by the Ivory Duo of new music for 2 pianos, including 'Follow Me Up to Carlow' by Hugh Shrapnel.
Venue: Morley College Holst Room
61 Westminster Bridge Road,
London SE1 7HT.
7.30 PM.

Concert October 7th 2016

Hugh Shrapnel



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John Walters, The Guardian

Performance and groups

Hugh has composed for and played oboe and piano/keyboards in a great many new music groups over the years including:
1969-73 The Scratch Orchestra (SO) whose implications and influence have been so far reaching and which has been a long term influence on Hugh’s musical outlook.
1970-72 The Shrapnel Wood & Metal Band, formed by Hugh in 1970 with an ad hoc group of instrumentalists (inc. recorder, oboe, banjo, clarinet, violin,‘cello, drums) from the SO to perform an Ecossaise in the historic Beethoven Today concert at the QEH. The Wood & Metal Band often performed within SO concerts performing ‘popular classics’ by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Ezra Reed, Gershwin etc.. It’s line up & general ‘sound’ gave it the character of a rustic village band.
1969-72 The Promenade Theatre Orchestra, co-founded by Hugh with fellow composer/performers John White, Chris Hobbs & Alec Hill. With its unusual line-up of reed organs, toy pianos, wind, brass & percussion it developed an early & peculiarly English kind of minimalism.
1975-78 People’s Liberation Music, a socialist folk/rock band with Laurie Baker, Cornelius Cardew, Vicky Silva, Keith Rowe, John Marcangelo & others, playing revolutionary anti-imperialist, anti-racist songs in support of the people’s struggles from around the world.
1992 – 2000 Redlands Consort, a musical collective Hugh co-founded with Michael Newman (viola), Simon Allen & Martin Pyne (percussion), Francesca Hanley (flute), Martin Harvey (trombone), Robert Coleridge & Sarah Walker (keyboards) – the latter now a well known Radio 3 presenter. Specialised in new and experimental music together with arrangements of Medieval & Renaissance music and folk music.
2003 Vermilion, co-founded by Hugh with composer/baritone Richard Churches, composer/pianist Robert Coleridge & flautist Claire McKenna.

From the early ‘90s onwards Hugh has worked closely with the composer and pianist Robert Coleridge putting on many joint concerts of their music.

From 2005 onwards Hugh has had several works performed in the London New Wind Festival. He has also put on concerts with Robert Coleridge as part of the LNWF.